Giving to Nonprofit Charity

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Giving to Nonprofit Charity

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:34 am

While some may find that giving to charity is difficult or that they ask for too much, I find that being a part of certain charitable organizations is the greatest contribution I can make with what I have. I help alongside many wonderful volunteers at the With Causes Charitable Netwok and find that donating my time with them truly helps make a difference. On a day to day basis a meet many new faces all with a different story about how they came to need our help and it breaks my heart each time hearing them. However, new hope is instilled within me each time we provide these individuals and families with the help they need. With the help of many of our branches and charitable partners in financing, we are able to receive collectibles, real estate, cars, boats, computers and tablets, and even monetary gifts to help those in need.


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